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How We Help Clients Reduce Costs and Improve Sustainability

We’re not one of those companies that hides behind fancy marketing, or sells you overpriced and underperforming products. We want to be your partner, working closely with you to fully understand your facilities challenges and opportunities to increase energy and operational efficiency. … Read More

How Schofield Barracks Saved Over $400k, Annually, on Energy Costs By Partnering with Joseph Benjamin Energy Solutions

Schofield Barracks is a United States Army base located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Home to the 25th Infantry Division, the base covers an area of approximately 17,000 acres. It includes various training facilities, housing units, and recreational areas for military personnel and their families. Schofield Barracks has a long history of serving as a hub for military operations in the Pacific region and continues to play an important role in the defense of the United States. … Read More